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Our Story….


G2P leather Our Story so Far….

We Started out Just wanting to sell leather belts in 2010 in Bangkok, Simple !!

Not Quite, after surveying the competition and suppliers etc.

We found out apart from the small amount of Designer Brands, that mostly sell the name not the quality of the product, or just selling the buckles.

That most belts on the market were PU plastic belts or very low quality leather that had been sanded and painted.

So we have found our Niche, High Quality, well priced Handmade Men’s Leather Belts.

Our belts available

@ Scent leather, 3rd floor, Terminal 21, Asoke, Bangkok.

@ Crimson Gooods, 2ndfloor, Gateway , Ekamai, Bangkok.

@ Favour Cafe, Tah Maharaj, Bangkok,

@ Talad, rod Fai, Srinakarin road,

Online Shop – Online Store

Our Thai-Irish family business progresses everyday step by step, sourcing the finest English Bridle leather , next step is crowd funding to expand to wholesale our brand G2P leather.

Why We are Different.

1) Highest Quality leathers.( English Bridle leather)( was originally used for machine belts etc, very strong and durable)

2) Our Casual Belts are extra thick.

3) unique designs.

4) Quality Buckles including Brass and stainless steel.

5) extra long available up to 60″ and overby request.

6) Customers come first 100% feedback online.

7) top grain leather which is the highest quality and only 2% of belts are made from this


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