leather mans belts with a hand crafted antique brass 2 prong buckle leather 1.5 inch wide length 60 inch fits waist up to 51″-55″ inch.thick 3.5mm belt hand cut from centre of full leather sheet. natural marks and scratches do show on these belts.
– grade A British Bridle top grain leather. uk
– hand dyed, waxed, oiled to give natural earthen colour shows the natural grain,marks and skin pattern.
– Guarenteed 10 years.
-classic look.
available in many lengths.

price $74.99 plus pp

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British Bridle Leathers.
The unique marks, lines, creases and colours that differentiate each hide make each item unique. G2P Leather use the original surface of the hide, or top-grain and retain any individual marks and creases. This is cut at 3-4 mm, unusually thick for belts, and left unbacked so every aspect of the leather is visible. guarenteed not to stretch or split.

G2P leather Bio

We Started out Just wanting to sell leather belts in 2012 in Bangkok, Simple !!

Not Quite, after surveying the competition and suppliers etc.

We found out apart from the small amount of Designer Brands, that most belts on the

market were PU plastic belts or very low quality.

So we have found our Niche, High Quality, well priced Handmade Men’s Leather Belts.
problem with The asian cows were the bodys are too small so we could not make the belts extra long or thick.

Our Thai-Irish family business progresses everyday step by step, sourcing the finest leather and high

quality buckles, next step is crowd funding to expand to wholesale our brand G2P leather.

Why We are Different.

1) Highest Quality leathers.( vegetable tanned, oil pull up, British Bridle leather)

2) Our Casual Belts are extra thick.

3) unique designs.

4) Quality Buckles including Brass and stainless steel.

5) extra long available up to 60″ longer by demand.

6) Customers come first 100% feedback online