spotting a fake and buying guide for a Louis Vuitton belt

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This article is written for ebay but is applicable anywhere, especially if you are in Asia on a shopping trip, in 5 years we have been in the leather business many people bring designer belts to cut and fix, of the thousands we have seen maybe less than 1% have been genuine.
A few quick pointers.
  1. Designer brands do not have sales or discount items, these items on average go up 10% a year in value.
  2. only buy from a suppliers store listed on their main website.
  3. check the retail price online before you buy.
  4. if buy second hand check for official receipts and labels.
  5. if the price for a belt is under 20,000 baht or $500 your looking at a fake.
  6. pattern should be full not broken and neat stitching 
I see so many people paying crazy prices for Louis Vuitton belts that are easily spotted as not being…

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