Our New “GALWAY” hand cut oil pull up vegetable leather belt by Ga Clarke A Thai Irish Design.
price $68.00  plus pp
Black oil pull up vegetable leather mans belts with a hand crafted buckle leather 1.5 inch wide length 51 inch fits waist up to 43″-47″ inch.thick 3.5mm belt hand cut from centre of full leather sheet.
– grade A vegetable oil pull up leather.
– hand dyed, waxed, oiled to give natural earthen colour shows the natural grain,marks and skin pattern.
– Guarenteed 10 years.
-classic look.
available in many lengths.
screw neck so can change buckle.

Technical Definition: Pull-up (A) leathers have been colored with aniline dyes that are impregnated with natural-based oils and/or waxes instead of being coated with paints and pigments. The oils and waxes tend to darken the original aniline dye coloration, but “pull up” the lighter color when stretched and pulled.

Brand G2P Leather Bio

Our shop started out just selling genuine handmade leather belts- Simple Now we make and design men’s belts and other leather accessories. From Classic, modern, fashion, formal and cowboy styles available. Because of our love for handmade products, we just did not want to buy and sell, we wanted to produce our own unique style and brand. Our Family run business prides itself on quality and competitive prices, with a mix of Thai & Irish flair. We hope to produce a unique brand (G2P LEATHER) all items are handmade, handcrafted in our workshop by hand 100%. personalized custom orders welcome and any enquiries. We pride our self on customer care and reliability.