minimalist brown leather man’s pocket protector with carved and stamped tan flap. for standard shirt pocket, can match with office shirt for keeping your pen. glasses or mobile phone. or with work jacket for screwdriver or small tools. ideal unique gift or present. hand stitched in golden tan waxed cotton or any other colour you choose.
size 10 cm wide, 14 cm high,. lightweight and strong.

price $25.99 plus pp

Brand G2P Leather Bio

Our shop started out just selling genuine handmade leather belts- Simple!
Now we make handbags, messenger bags, shoulder bags, belts and other leather accessories.
From Classic, modern, fashion, hobo and cowboy styles available.
Because of our love for handmade products, we just did not want to buy and sell, we wanted to produce our own unique style and brand.
Our Family run business prides itself on quality and competitive prices, with a mix of Thai & Irish flair. We hope to produce a unique brand (G2P LEATHER) all items are handmade, hand crafted in our workshop by hand 100%.
Also here our new brand of handmade leather satchels Bangkok Satchels.

G2P Mission Statement

G2P leather, providing long lasting, quality leather goods, empowering people not machines.
“Time less, simple classic designs for everybody, everyday