Each belt is tailor made to fit you perfectly, soft ,strong will soften with age, finest quality leather, normal designer belts are approx 2 mm thick our belts are over 3 mm thick, 

High quality does dot always mean high price we are a family run business, we use local sourced leather, we craft the belts by hand and sell locally, so we can bring you an affordable high quality product, our shops have been open 3 years now and our very first customers still like and recommend our products.

This thick cow leather belt has been cut from a full sheet of cow leather and waxed and coloured, in black, tough and strong 3.5 mm thick. plain cut and square steel buckle
holes punched 39 – 43 inch 48 inch long
has 2 screws in neck so you can change buckles.
if you require other sizes –
please state waist size when ordering belt will be cut to waist size plus 6 inches.
wide 1.5 inch

price $25.99 plus pp