Today VIVPS launches its “Helping Hands” fundraiser for the Disability/Orphanage Centre No 3 in Ba Vi, a province approximately 50kl’s out of Hanoi. The centre houses a wide range of residents, from 20 babies without disabilities, to over 60 babies and young children with severe disabilities. The centre is also a home for young people who have been orphaned and older residents who have been abandoned by family, all who have some form of disability and just nowhere else to go, all told, close to 300 residents. The center is very needy and operates with a minimum of staff and resources.

Our fundraising activities during the month of April are focused on the babies and young children with severe disabilities, and we hope to alleviate the burden of cost to the center for the purchase of Milk and Diapers. The center uses approximately 364 tins of milk supplement each month, and over 1,300 diapers. The purchasing of diapers is unsustainable so we will also be focusing on friends finding methods of sending cloth nappies and safety pins to us in Vietnam. This would greatly alleviate the issue and next year our fundraiser may be more focused on just milk.

We will ask friends and volunteer groups in Hanoi and surrounding districts to find donors for Milk and Diapers, and to deliver those items to the center on the 28th April and spend a little time with the kids. We are asking our international friends and ex volunteers to open their hearts and to send donations to us so that we can make the purchases of Milk and Diapers prior to the 28th. VIVPS will contribute $600 to kick the fundraiser off.

They are a wonderful group of people at the center, and the little ones that we are trying to help are so loving and giving. We do understand that not everyone can give so we encourage them just to spread the word, or group with a few friends, donate $20 each and we have 5 tins of Milk.

We thank you for the taking the time to read this and if you would like to be involved, then please forward us an email at and we will tell you how to go about it……………. thank you